Slot waveguides for silicon photonics

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Slow light, a technology to control the optical signal by reducing the group velocity, has been widely studied to obtain enhanced nonlinearities and increased phase shifts owing to its promoting of the light–matter interaction ability. OSA | Effective in-device r33 of 735 pm/V on electro-optic We design and fabricate a 320 nm slot for an electro-optic (E-O) polymer infiltrated silicon photonic crystal waveguide. Because of the large slot width, the poling efficiency of the infiltrated E-O polymer (Ajckl1/amorphous polycarbonate … OSA | Mid-infrared silicon photonic waveguides and devices Silicon has been the material of choice of the photonics industry over the last decade due to its easy integration with silicon electronics, high index contrast, small footprint, and low cost, as well as its optical transparency in the near … OSA | Photonics in Switching 2014

His MIT research on silicon processing has addressed photovoltaic cells environmentally benign integrated circuit manufacturing.

In fact, slot waveguides have become the key element in order to implement organic materials into silicon photonics. Beside the strip and slot waveguide, the strip-loaded slot waveguide is utilized in this work. The cross section of each waveguide type is shown in Figure 1. All-optical high-speed signal processing with silicon Mar 15, 2009 · a, SEM image of the cross-section of the vapour-deposited organic film covering the silicon waveguide.The ability of the organic material to homogeneously fill the slot between the waveguides is a Nanofocusing in SOI-based hybrid plasmonic metal slot Through a process of efficient dielectric to metallic waveguide mode conversion, we calculate a >400-fold field intensity enhancement in a silicon photonics compatible nanofocusing device. A metallic slot waveguide sits on top of the silicon slab waveguide with nanofocusing being achieved by tapering the slot width gradually. We evaluate the conversion between the numerous photonic modes of

Industry Publications Referencing RSoft Products – Synopsys

Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics in Proceedings Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics and Photonics in Switching Silicon photonics - Wikipedia Silicon photonics is the study and application of photonic systems which use silicon as an optical medium. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] The silicon is usually patterned with sub-micrometre precision, into microphotonic components. [4] These operate … Silicon photonics, IBM Research Zurich Silicon CMOS compatible transition metal oxide technology for boosting highly integrated photonic devices with disruptive performance

A silicon photonics slot waveguide with a record nonlinearity of 104 000W−1km−1 at 1.5 μm is reported. We demonstrate demultiplexing of 130 Gbit/s signals to 10 Gbit/s using FWM in a 6 mm-long device.

A silicon/organic hybrid modulator integrating photonic crystal (PC) waveguide, 75nm slot, and electro-optic (EO) polymer is experimentally demonstrated. Polarization splitter using horizontal slot waveguide - Electrical and ... small one-chip color-less multiplexer/ demultiplexer using silicon photonic circuit, ” .... optical switching in a silicon-nanocrystal-based silicon slot waveguide at ... Silicon Photonics: Designing and Prototyping Silicon ... The normalized power and intensity in the slot versus slot width. Designing and Prototyping Silicon Waveguides. Fabricating such an optical waveguide prototype and then analyzing it is resource intensive. An alternate, preferred approach is to use numerical tools such as the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Slot-waveguide - Wikipedia The slot-waveguide was born in 2003 as an unexpected outcome of theoretical studies on metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) electro-optic modulation in high-confinement silicon photonic waveguides by Vilson Rosa de Almeida and Carlos Angulo Barrios, then a Ph.D. student and a Postdoctoral Associate, respectively, at Cornell University.

Nonlinear losses of highly nonlinear silicon/organic photonics slot waveguides are analyzed. Unlike silicon strip waveguides, slot waveguides do not show absorption related speed limitations up to highest input powers. Introduction Highly nonlinear waveguides are key components for all-optical on-chip processing at highest bit rates. Of

Abstract. We present the design, fabrication, and characterization of integrated Bragg gratings in silicon-on-insulator slot waveguides. The Bragg gratings are ...

Waveguides are spatially inhomogeneous transparent structures for guiding light. They can be used for obtaining strong light concentration overN. Takato et al., “Silica-based single-mode waveguides on silicon and their application to guided-wave optical interferometers”, J. Lightwave Technol. Frontiers | Low-Loss Slot Waveguides with Silicon (111)… Keywords: silicon photonics, waveguide, anisotropic wet etching, slot waveguide, integrated photonics. Citation: Debnath K, Khokhar AZ, Boden SA, Arimoto H, Oo SZ, Chong HMH, Reed GT and Saito S (2016) Low-Loss Slot Waveguides with Silicon (111) Surfaces Realized Using Anisotropic...